Mixing 3

Mixing Service

50% off your first song

Basic from $120AUD per song

Advanced from $240AUD per song

Both Services Include:

Mastered Mix, UnMastered Mix, Pitch Correction, No Track Count Limits.

Advanced Service Includes:

No Revision Restrictions, Timing Correction, Noise Removal, Performance Mix, Instrumental Mix, A cappella Mix.

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Mastering Service

50% off your first song

Basic from $40AUD per song

Advanced from $100AUD per song

Both Services Include:

Mastered Song (16bit WAV & 320k MP3), Album/EP Song Volume Balancing, Australian ISRC Code.

Advanced Service Includes:

DDP file for Albums/EPs, No Revision Restrictions, Noise Removal, Mix Feedback and Re-Send Facility, Album/EP Song EQ Balancing and Song Layout.

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Got a Question:

  • I’ve had the luxury of being able to send my work to Kevin at KdW Mixing & Mastering to do the finishing touches on singles before sending them off to labels. Hands down the best person I’ve ever had master my work and I will continue to use him – highly recommend him to anyone that demands perfection.–Pistolshrimp @ Pistolshrimp Productions

  • When it comes to mixing & mastering, this is the guy to go to! He is very helpful & he will be sure to get the job done in a timely manner. 5 STARS!!–Ammo Offee

  • KdW Mixing & Mastering, working with you was a dream come true, I love your mixing and mastering job.I am so happy with your work.–Frenzy Eminent (DI)

  • I found KdW Mixing & Mastering in a web search, and conducted a brief comparison with other similar online services. Kevin responded quickly and accurately to my enquiries, and provided a really clear description of the service offered. His turnaround time on the mastering of my piece was extremely fast, and he understood instinctively what I was after in the final product. He provided helpful feedback and was willing to do multiple versions until I was satisfied. The half-price offering on the first piece of work done is a good way to try out his service for minimal commitment.
    Overall I was completely happy with the work and service provided by Kevin and I would happily recommend him to others – in fact, I already have.–Jarred Cinman – burningpaper

  • “I’m so glad to have found Kevin, very reliable, very professional and does an amazing job. I will definitely be working with him in the near future”.–SWP

  • Thanks to my engineer Kevin for turning my sound into something amazing. The editing you did on my track is a masterpiece. Love the tunes.–Paul Coleman a.k.a Twiz-B

  • Not only did I receive a great sounding song but I also received outstanding help in sculpting my lyrics! Not only is he a really superb mixing and mastering engineer he is also one kind professional and person, with whom you would like to sit and drink a cup of coffee with and talk about music in general. On every question he was faster then the wind, I only ask myself when does he sleep? Thanks Kevin at KdW Mixing & Mastering from the depth of my heart for turning my dream into a reality.–Kresimir Milinovic a.k.a Chris Mcmill

  • Rad all round job on our tracks! Fully professional sound/communication/ and all round awesome customer service and satisfaction. Definitely recommended and will be a return customer ourselves.–Brado – The Meteoriots

  • I just wanted to say thank you so much, I will have you in consideration for future projects and I will be recommending you. Once again thank you!–Bailey Johnston

  • Very Pleased with the service and results…–Jason Jones

Who are we?

KdW Logo SmallKdW Mixing & Mastering provides professional quality online mixing and mastering services to artists and bands of any genre and skill level.

KdW Mixing & Mastering provides a flexible quality service suited to our customers needs so that we can achieve the best outcome. We provide a comfortable experience without the pressure and costs of a large studio. No matter what point in your musical career you are at or the quality of your work, we will endeavour to get the best out of you and your songs.

On a personal level I am the owner of KdW Mixing & Mastering. I am a single dad with two beautiful children (a daughter and a son), after losing my wife to cancer. My son has Autism and is on the more severe end of the Autism scale. I love playing guitar and recording, mixing and mastering my own instrumental songs. Why instrumentals because I cannot sing for peanuts. Music is something in my life that is just for me and gives me something extra to wash away the troubles of the day and to keep motivated and moving. My love of creating music was the reason I first started this business and the joy and satisfaction I get when my customers tell me how much they like what I have done with their music is just magical. As an artist myself I understand how important the song is to the client, and as such I treat every single job as if it was my own song and will go to what ever lengths I need to to make the client happy.

I really wasn’t sure whether to include such personal details on the website as it may be seen as not professional and turn some potential clients off, but then I decided that maybe what an artist is looking for is that personal touch. Understanding who they are working with instead of just sending their creation off blindly to a corporate facing studio might be what they need. Please understand that this is a very serious professional business producing professional results, but it is with a personal touch that will make an artist of any skill level comfortable. Whether to add this detail or not is a gamble for me either way and I hope I chose right.

I hope to work with you in the future.

Kevin de Wit